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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Conical hat village

For most foreigners when first think of Vietnam they usually think of the Ao dai and conical hat. The Vietnamese girl in Ao dai and Non la (Conical hat) has become the symbol of Vietnam. The image of a lady wearing Ao dai and Non la gentlely walk on street has left strong emotion to visitor once come to Vietnam. 

Traditionally, the conical hat is a sun safe device protecting people from the heat or the tropical rains, thus it often appears on heads of cyclists, people working the rice fields or rowing a boat, sweating vendors selling fruit on the street or dancers on stage. They are extremely lightweight, resistant and plaited with palm leaves.


In Hue, the conical hat has existed for a long time not only as a sun safe tool but also as traditional indispensable accessory expressing the hidden charms and simplicity of Vietnamese women. Therefore, Hue conical hat is made a bit differently than other city, thinner and lighter and more artistic. Hue conical hat is also plaited with palm leaves but thinner and its stitches are tinier and more gentle. Especially, artisans weave typical images of Hue such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge or even poems into the hat and make it distinct. As decorated with poems, Hue’s conical hat is also called Bai Tho conical hat.

In many places beautiful and poetic of Hue, do not forget to visit the conical hats village  to see the charming hat was made step by step from skilled hands.